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Bear Bios

Rita Mortis

Date of Death: 1/28/77rita-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Food: Fish bones

Favorite Number: #320059874 (her first prison id number)

Favorite Place: Hill 359 (It’s got the best stuff to smash)

Favorite Color: Putrid purple

Hobbies: Destruction of everything in her way as well
as making lists of people that she’d like to beat down with
her bat.

Known to say: “Someone has to pay for my pain. Might as well be you.”

Before she came to life Rita was owned by a girl named Violet. The two were inseparable. Violet shared all her secrets with Rita. They were “best friends.” One day some bullies beat up Violet, stole her book bag and ran off. The first chance they got they tossed it into a dumpster. Rita was inside. When she woke in the dump,
Rita was without Violet for the first time in years and it terrified her. Soon, however, her fear was replaced with rage at being taken away from her best friend. Hardened by the abandonment, Rita vowed never to be
afraid again.

Though the bears have no “leader,” Rita could be considered at the top of the pecking order. If she wants the group to do something, fear of her usually motivates them into action. She spends her days destroying stuff and playing practical jokes and pranks on her fellow bears. If they take offense, she’s more than happy to settle things with a beat down. The only one immune to this is Redmond, who is her running buddy and companion. He is the closest thing she’s got to a friend (not that she would never admit to something so mushy). In fact, Rita has made it a life’s goal to never allow someone close enough that their loss would hurt. 

The hard as steel exterior Rita puts forth is at odds with the truth about her. One she would never admit.
If Violet showed up at the dump and wanted to bring her home, she’d gladly go back to her old life.

Abnormal Cyrus

Date of Death: 12/12/74cyrus-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Place: Musty basements

Favorite Color: Stripes

Goal in Life: To fit a dozen ping-pong balls in his mouth

Hobbies: Writing songs about his beloved Toastie, painting green eyes on everything, and counting cracks in the ceiling

Favorite Saying: “Wowwie wowsers!!!” (He’ll usually repeat it a couple hundred times before he gets tired of it)

Dream Occupation: Optometrist


Unlike many of the other bears Cyrus never had the occasion to bond with a human owner. Missing an eye he was always seen as defective or damaged goods. His first memory is the disappointed expression on a child’s face, and it was downhill from there. He bounced around for a while from yard sales to thrift stores to flea markets, before he was finally thrown away. This experience scarred the bear. He hates being alone, but his personality tends to grate. The other bears also find his attempts at friendship smothering.

The simplicity of Cyrus is apparent from the moment he opens his mouth. He struggles to express himself verbally, mixing metaphors and clichés. Though dumb as a post, you’re always left with a feeling of genuine sweetness and innocence from this child-like bear. His unfading loyalty is usually rewarded with abuse from others. People know he is willing to take ridicule and humiliation, just to be part of the gang. Deep down
it hurts.             

Though Cyrus always starts with the best of intentions, mayhem usually follows the silly simpleton. At the heart of this walking and talking irritation is a lonely teddy bear looking for a “bestest” friend. Because the other bears don’t want him around unless they can use him for something, Cyrus usually has to make do with the trash he befriends. The inanimate objects are easy to identify, because he paints a giant green eye and smile on them.

Redmond Gore

Date of Death: 1/5/72redmond-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Saying: “…”

Favorite Place: In the shadows

Thing He Hates the Most: Anything with a reflection

Favorite Color: Axe blade gray and blood red

Hobbies: Anything that involves chopping, slicing or stabbing

Favorite Cloth: Burlap

Goal in Life: Revenge

Favorite Films: Anything by Sean S. Cunningham or
Clive Barker

Residence: He lives in a cave in one of the oldest, largest trash hills inside the trash dump. Its endless passageways are rumored to reach down into the bowels of hell.


Before he arrived at the dump and came to life, Redmond was an abused toy. He was so disfigured by his former owner that he hides his head in shame behind his potato sack. He either can’t or won’t speak, though no one knows why. Perhaps the horrors of the past silenced him or maybe the boiling rage in his throat robs him of the ability to articulate. One thing is clear about this hulking teddy: Give him a wide berth!

Redmond’s life is about finding moments of distraction, things to take his mind off of his previous life. When he isn’t out wandering alone, Redmond spends time with Rita. They are perfectly suited for each other, since both would rather do anything than reflect on their previous lives. Though Redmond doesn’t speak, the others
still talk to him. In his silence they hear what they want, but every now and then Redmond makes his
opinions known.

Unlike many of the other bears Redmond has no desire to be reunited with his former owner unless it’s to bury an ax in his chest. Though he comes off as aloof and scary, there is another side to him. When push comes to shove, he is the Teddy Scares toughest warrior and will defend the group with his life. He also has a desire to connect with others, but is massively insecure about his scars both physical and mental. They cause him to keep his distance emotionally, although he has warmed up to Rita. In fact he would consider her his friend. His fondness for Rita and his loyalty to the group does have limitations. If someone happens to trigger a memory or an insecurity in the minefield that is Redmond’s brain, either intentionally or not, they may find their bear parts scattered to the four corners of the dump.

Edwin Morose

Date of Death: 10/26/73edwin-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Food: “It’s not the cuisine but the company that makes a meal special.”

Favorite Colors: Red because of its passion and black because it reflects the despair he feels on a daily basis. At this point the blackness of his depression is so familiar it has become comforting.

Goal in Life: To be loved

Hobbies: Amateur poet and painter

Favorite Quotation: “Who breathes must suffer, and who thinks, must mourn; and he alone is bless’d, who ne’er was born.” – M. Prior

Dream Occupation: Greeting card writer


Before he arrived at the dump, Edwin was a token of love given to his owner, Abigail. When the relationship ended, Edwin became a bitter reminder of betrayal and was discarded. He arrived at the dump with a broken heart and has never fully recovered.

Edwin has the soul of a tragic poet, and the way he speaks reflects it.  The loss of his true love still haunts him. Her rejection shattered him to the core leaving him doubting his self-worth at times. As his last name indicates, he also leans to the morose.

A good deal of his time at the dump is spent writing poetry. At times it is nothing more than greeting card drivel, but every now and then he comes up with quite beautiful verse. His best friend at the dump is Hester and the two can spend whole afternoons in long-winded conversations or matching wits.

Within this sad sack lives a part-time optimist. Often the little red bear wanders the dump aimlessly, looking someone to fill the hole left in his heart. Some days he’s hopeful, while others he believes it to be a pointless endeavor. One thing is for certain about Edwin. He won’t find peace, until he finds true love once again.

Hester Golem

Date of Death: ??/??/??hester-web-25-.jpg

Hobbies: A ravenous reader and an amateur scientist. If he is not in his lab or scouring the dump for discarded textbooks, he is hanging with his friend Edwin.

Favorite Food: Spoiled poison ivy yogurt and a side of
moldy peaches

Goal: To remember

Favorite Place: His haughty club

Known to Say: “Only two things can survive a nuclear holocaust: roaches and Abnormal Cyrus.”

Favorite Color: Sulfur yellow


Hester is unique amongst the Teddy Scares, because he has no memory before waking up in the dump. There are clues to his origins. The bag he woke up in had other stuff in it, which may or may not hold the secret to his past. Later, a toy collector’s magazine turned up in the dump. It contained an article on Hester’s brand of bear, which is from the 1880s. He has all the evidence laid out in his home and many nights he goes through the material like a detective trying to solve a great mystery.

Hester is an eloquent bear, who loves to hear himself speak. A bookworm, his empty head is brimming with
a vast vocabulary. A sharp mind and tongue are other traits of his. He can build you up or tear you down with a clever word or two. His dark sense of humor is unparalleled amongst the other bears. Though he certainly enjoys his own company, Hester likes to spend time with Edwin. They are the smartest bears in the dump
and share a love of books and history. He also has his roaches, which reside in him. For an unknown reason,
he has managed to make some kind of telepathic connection to them. They are his eyes and they will obey
his commands.

The other bears don’t care much for Hester, but they do have a degree of respect for him. They will often go to the eyeless bear, when a problem requires brains instead of brawn. If the bears have any leaders, he would be one of them.

Hester has a secret, which he keeps from the others. Being over 100 years old his body is a rotted mess. The constant in and out of his roaches have eroded much of his stuffing too. Privately, he has begun to notice some early signs of memory loss, possibly from the loss of stuffing. Because of this he has devoted his free time to discovering why the bears are alive in the hopes it can offer answers to his situation.

Eli Wretch

Date of Death: 11/9/73eli-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Snack: Squirrel jerky

Favorite Color: Axel grease brown

Kills Time By: Playing road-kill bingo

Hobbies: Warning people about stuff, tinkering with machines

Favorite Scent: Truck stop bathrooms

Dream Occupation: Greeting card writer

Road Map: Spent his days wedged on a dusty dashboard viewing the world through a muddy windshield.

Favorite Meal: Dump Rat Stew 


Eli was a last minute gift purchased at a highway rest stop by a trucker for his son, another empty gesture in a lifetime full of forgotten birthdays. When the trucker finally deserted his family, Eli became a painful reminder of a father, who was never there. The boy threw him out.

At first Eli kept his distance from the other bears, but over time became a part of the group. He’s still a bit of an outsider though. His constant advice giving makes him feel more like a parent or old uncle than just one of the bears. At times when this hillbilly Confucius offers his homespun insight, it leaves the recipient more confused than before. But his intentions are genuine. Deep down this bear wants to be the father his former owner deserved.

Eli’s nearly as brilliant as Hester, though not in a book smart kind of way. With enough time this master engineer could make anything. He is the go to bear on problems where something needs to be built. Eli’s the MacGyver of the dump. 

Granger Evermore

Date of Death: 9/1/31granger-web-25-.jpg

Yearns to Be: Anywhere but here

Favorite Drink: Water with a twang of asbestos

Hobby: Collecting calendars

Heard in Whispers: “When I get out of this hole, you will suffer a thousand times my pain.”

Dream Occupation: Tattoo artist


Granger was a novelty bear purchased from an old prison turned museum. He was kept on a shelf for years, never touched, never loved. Eventually discarded, Granger wound up in the dump. Having been nothing more than a display item, Granger didn’t have much of a chance to bond with a person. Unlike Cyrus it didn’t leave him desperate to do so. In fact this burly bear prefers his own company, and sought out residence away from the others. He was comfortable with this existence, until one fateful day he made a mistake he will regret forever. When a delivery of trash arrived at the dump, a cry for help rang out. At first he ignored it, but as the voice became more desperate he ran over to help. Granger arrived too late, however, and the bear perished in the Incinerator. The scar that runs across his face occurred during his attempt to free that bear.

Granger’s life changed that day. He lives in near constant guilt, though for the most part he does a nice job
of hiding it. He struggles to even relax or sleep. This is not helped by the fact that Granger has visions of the dead bear regularly. Whether they are purely in his mind or visits from an otherworldly specter is yet to
be determined.

Now, Granger is constantly on guard for new arrivals to the dump. A few in the group owe their lives to him. He hopes that one day he’ll save enough bears that he’ll finally have peace. 

Mazey Podge

Date of Death: 11/11/99mazey-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Makeup: Midnight mascara

Favorite Indulgence: Moldy strawberries

Mirror, Mirror: Reactions to her looks have always been intense.
To gaze upon her has caused some to vomit, while others have died. Mazey always saw this as a compliment, “It must be because I’m so drop dead gorgeous!”


Mazey was the pet project of a seamstress. She was going to be her ultimate artistic expression, the thing that would define her. Over the years she would assemble and reassemble Mazey, obsessed with making her perfect. The woman would use one piece of luxurious material, only to find something better a month later and then begin the process over again. Finally, the seamstress passed away, leaving Mazey a patchwork.

Having heard her former owner repeatedly say she is going to be perfect, Mazey believes it completely. Others should love Mazey because in her mind “she’s got it all going on!” In reality that’s not always the case. Many of the boy bears think she’s cute, and Mazey will play to that. Often she does it not because she’s interested, but to get her way. At times they come away from interactions with her feeling used. Rita can’t stand her. She hates her “girliness” and her perceived helplessness, but Mazey isn’t helpless by any means. Often, she gets her way.

Mazey yearns to escape the dump like many of the others, but it isn’t necessarily love she seeks. She’s looking for an owner, who could provide the type of lifestyle a bear of her fabulousness deserves.

Mundy Drudge

Date of Death: 3/22/49mundy-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Color: Bile Green

Cologne: Oil soaked rag

Comfort Food: Stale bread with creamy roach eggs

Hobby: Walking on ledges

Loves the Odor of: Permanent markers


In Hester’s ongoing quest to understand the process of what makes a Teddy Bear a Teddy Scare, he created Mundy in his makeshift lab. The plan was simple. Take a bit of his own stuffing and implant it inside a bear he created. Like all mad scientists before him it went bad. Hester ignored the fact that their personalities were imprinted on them by humans before they awoke. When his creation came to life, he was almost a blank slate. The only thing he knew was the pain of rejection every bear carries to some degree. Mundy’s was amplified, because that was all he had.

This Frankenstein bear wanders the dump, alone. Devoid of speech, he expresses the pain and rage that boils inside of him through bone chilling screams that haunt all who are within earshot. Instead of just filling him with fabric Hester chose to sew stuffing inside of pieces of fabric. Mimicking human musculature the design made Mundy incredibly strong and durable. He is the most powerful bear.

Sheldon Grogg

Date of Death: 5/27/40sheldon-web-25-.jpg

Favorite Scent: Lavendar

Nightcap: Chamomile tea with curdled milk

Dream Occupation: Sleep therapist

Favorite place to nap: Floating on black clouds
of pollution

Lullaby: Comforted by the moans caused by horrible nightmares


Sheldon had a really good “childhood.” His owner loved him very much and took great care of him. Their separation occurred when his owner simply grew up. Though he has a desire like most bears for a new owner, the happiness of his past life seems to have been the only thing that’s carried over into his rebirth. He is aware of the rejection, but seems to have a positive perspective regarding it. He is a well-adjusted bear with a healthy, outlook on his life.

Somewhere along the way Sheldon lost his eyes. For a while he looked for replacements, but eventually a new “sight” just developed. He doesn’t see as good as the other bears, but he manages to make his way. His “sight” is more of a feeling on where things are. This gives him an ability the other bears don’t have because his “vision” seems to carry over to the ghostly specters that haunt the dump.

Sheldon has a peaceful, relaxed way about him. He usually gets along with the others, though sometimes his tranquility makes them jealous. He has an annoying habit of nodding off at inopportune times, so the bears tend to give him tasks that are less important in case he falls asleep.


Annabelle Wraithia

Date of Death: 10/13/47annabelle-bio-01.jpg

Favorite Dessert: Wedding Cake

Favorite Color: Something Blue

Favorite Past Time: Haunting the trash dump

Case History: Her ghastly wailing has been known to drive the unlucky passerby insane.


Annabelle’s pre-dump existence was a short one. She and a groom bear were part of a centerpiece at a wedding reception.  After the festivities ended our bear bride fell off the decoration and was left behind by the partygoers. She wound up at the dump shortly after. Tragedy struck once again as Annabelle was unable to escape from her trash bag. She was scooped up and destroyed in
the incinerator.

Though her body was destroyed, her spirit lives on. Annabelle now haunts the dump. She’ll interact with the other bears at times, usually in a helpful way. She is a sweet, loving specter, but Annabelle has an underlining sadness about her. Being trapped between two worlds isn’t easy. She also longs to be reunited with her groom. His whereabouts are unknown.





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