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About Teddy Scares

What happens when a teddy bear gets thrown away?

Do they waste away to nothing?

Fur to ashes, stuffing to dust and so forth?

Or is it possible the act of abandonment causes something to stir in them?

That the removal of love for objects designed to be loved interrupts their final repose.

Some might awaken to replace that love.

Others would rise from their graves to seek vengeance on those who’d reject them.

But none could find rest until they made peace with their demons.

Until then, they would cease being teddy bears and become…

Teddy Scares



These tiny terrors were once lifeless teddy bears. When their owners outgrew them, they were thrown away. With no place else to go the Teddy Scares made a home in the trash dump they woke up in. Now, they spend their nights searching: some for fun and adventure, some for trouble, some for friendship and some for love. Though their personalities are quite different from one another, deep down these furry freaks all desire to have an owner again.



This is where the Teddy Scares call home. Though it’s a working trash dump, it’s unlike any in the real world. Some say it has something to do with where it was located. That perhaps its founders disturbed some ancient burial ground or placed it on a spot of geologic significance. Others say the sheer volume of trash that has passed through its gates has caused negative energy to build over time. You can’t have that much rejection
in one spot without consequences. Either way the trash dump is a strange place.

At the heart of it is the Incinerator. Over the years it has taken on a life of its own. Many a Teddy Scare, unable to escape their trash bag, has perished in the Incinerator’s hellish inferno. When the workers head home at night, its massive claws seek out more trash to feed its ravenous maw.

The area around the incinerator is a very active one and the bears tend to avoid it during the day. At
night they will venture there. This is usually where they find the best trash, since it is the newest to arrive
in the dump.

Just past that area are the Trash Hills. Because of various strikes over the years and the sheer incompetence of the people who run the dump, trash has built up into giant hills. Slowly, the workers are making their way through this area, but it will take decades to finally catch up. This is where the bears’ live. The complexity of their “homes” runs the gamut. Some are built into the sides of trash hills and are quite polished, while others are nothing more than an old refrigerator box. Sometimes, workers tear down a hill that is occupied by one or more bears, so their homes need to change from time to time. Towards the back of the dump there are hills that are over one hundred years old. They are creepy and the bears tend to avoid them because they think they are haunted.

The toxic remnants from the Incinerator are dumped in the Ashlands. It is a wasteland. Many of the dump’s rodents and insects foolish enough to wander into the Ashlands have perished there. A few have managed to escape, but they are now hideous mutations of their former selves. The ground belches toxic smoke here, which causes heavy cloud cover leaving the place in near darkness.



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